Posted by: rubberhawk | March 3, 2009

From Web Animation to TV Series and Back Again

The world’s first mainstream video sharing site, came online in February 2005. Since then much has changed. Originally it started out as a fully open forum. Anything could be uploaded and shared without restriction and worry. Then just as with Napster, the MPAA started rearing its ugly head.

For those who don’t know, the MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America and protects the rights and interests of broadcasters in America and it does so fiercely. It will hunt down and prosecute anyone who infringes copyright holders. This led to a wide range of anti-copyright infringement methods being introduced onto youtube, which stand to this day. Originally, the MPAA flat out opposed any notion of internet distribution, but gradually this is changing as broadcast networks and content creators realise that the internet is an opportunity rather than a threat.

southpark_051230112227534_wideweb__300x325The best example of a broadcaster adapting to the web is South Park. Perhaps this is because South Park started out as a web animation. Really this is just the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker coming full circle with the launch of The site is fully dedicated to the TV show with every episode freely available to anyone to watch online. The site is supported by advertising inserted into the video streaming as well as through merchandising and the option to buy episodes to watch offline. The site is identical in operation to all the other South Park streaming sites like, but it offers very high quality video in comparison and with the recent introduction of true fullscreen, it has fast become the 1st choice for anybody wanting to watch the animated show online.

This has to date been the best attempt anyone has made to persuade me not to resort to “other” online sources for when i want to watch a TV show. The balance of advertising is just right to not be annoying and it feels more like a fan site than a commercial site. Registration is optional and mainly needed for the forums so I can come and go as I please without the hassle of logging in. I know has a similar service, but I’m not in America so I can’t comment on it. has essentially stopped me illegally downloading the show completely and all it had to do was give me what I wanted. Now if only other networks and broadcasters would take note…



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  2. South park ❤

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