Posted by: rubberhawk | March 8, 2009

Augmented Engineering

While projecting has long been a cornerstone of any exhibition, it has nearly always been limited to a flat surface. This is starting to change though with the introduction of projection mapping. Using 3d tracking software, the writers of have developed methods of projecting onto surfaces other than flat screens. Primarily the system uses leds on objects in conjunction with light sensrs to allow a computer to track  an object in 3d space and then use a game engine to create the textures in 3d that are projected onto the surface. The results are quite impressive, if not a little disturbing:

Looking at the video you will notice that only one projector is used to project onto three different completely separate surfaces, including a mannequin head, all in perfect perspective with minimal overlap onto other surfaces. The two bloggers are computer science masters students in the University of Illinois and see the technology being applied to new media exhibitions, with this video in question being done as part of a new media art class.


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