Posted by: rubberhawk | April 13, 2009

Someone’s lying to me somewhere

Jay Walker once said that for every megabyte of information we send over the internet we use the equivalent of a lump of coal in energy. My laptop’s downloaded 8.4GB and sent 1.4GB in the past seven days. Thats some 5o bags of coal in a week. Thats an average of 2600 bags of coal in a year for just me. There’s five laptops in this house alone!

Another blog that looked very scientific said that viewing 100 pages in a day is the equivalent of watching 10 minutes of TV. Elsewhere says a google search is the equivalent of running an 11 watt light bulb for an hour.

On top of that the new Macbook pro uses half the energy of the average light bulb lighting the room that its in. Does that mean that the fancy new battery out of a macbook pro could light a two bedroom apartment for 24 hours before it needs recharging? Even better, if you charge your battery at your local starbucks for free while you sip on a skinny latté then you could light your apartment for free for 1,000 days before you need to replace the battery. Thats three years for the price of an Apple battery(€139), the equivalent of buying 8 or 9 bags of coal. That, in turn, is enough for just over a day and a half of web browsing which is the equivalent of watching… um, some TV. I’ve used up all my maths for the day.

Whichever bit of that was true, I should stop googling pointless things like “how much does a lump of coal weigh?” before I kill another polar bear.


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